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Chest Wall Monophasic Synovial Sarcoma in a 12-Year-Old Boy: A Case Report


Pediatric Surgery Department, Hospital Habib Thameur, Tunis, Tunisia

Turk Arch Pediatr 2022; 57: 111-113
DOI: 10.5152/TurkArchPediatr.2022.21219
Read: 230 Downloads: 145 Published: 01 January 2022

We report a rare case of synovial sarcoma of the chest wall in a child. A 12-year-old male presented to our pediatric surgery department with chief complaint of swelling accompanied by slight pain of the upper right side of the anterior chest wall since approximately 5 months. Firstly, we performed an ultrasound (US)-mass biopsy. Histopathological examination showed fibromatosis. After that, we underwent surgical resection. Pathological examination revealed a monophasic type synovial sarcoma. Immediately post-operation, the patient manifested a loss of the extension of the forearm, hand, and fingers on the right side. Physical therapy was performed with good results. On the basis of our diagnosis, we performed 6 cycles of multi-drug adjuvant chemotherapy and then radiotherapy. After 3 years of surgery, there was no evidence of recurrence. However, careful observation may be required.
Cite this article as: Bchini F, Boughdir M, Laarif S, et al. Chest wall monophasic synovial sarcoma in a 12-year-old boy: A case report. Turk Arch Pediatr. 2022;57(1):111-113.

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